quarta-feira, agosto 01, 2007

More geek stuff

Well I'm stuck at level 5, in mod-X where I'm suppose to hack in to an FTP using telnet.

Has I know so little on this matter, I'm stuck on Google looking for clues and yes sometimes I get distracted and go on to useless yet funny stuff.

One of them I found on the related videos on this site.

The original animation (in case you don't wanna get in to that command line stuff):
can be found here.


I've been reading so much crap on how hackers, and crackers are "terrorists" I'm beginning to feel like a muslim trapped on the twin towers in 9/11.

"I'm harmless dude!" - she whispered.

And if that's not good enough so sorry... if there's gonna be a law on curiosity and on tech knowledge, just because some idiots use it badly... I hope there's equal effort in to stopping governments to use their resources to do the exact same thing!