sexta-feira, fevereiro 15, 2008

Vista Up and running

Ohhh my my my!! I can barely hold my fingers!! I'm now writing from a recently installed Windows Vista and if surprise could be seen, a person on the moon could see me glowing tonight. I installed Vista directly connected to the Internet and still no sign of virus. It's running wonderfully on my Intel Dual Core at 2.13 Ghz + 2 GB RAM + Nvidea Graphics (256MBs). Even faster than XP and certainly much more appealing visually.

With some gymnastics current Desktop has 3 installed Os (Win XP, Win Vista , Linux Slackware). Of course all made possible by lilo magic and two physical disks split up in a total of (4+2=6) partitions.

sda1 - Windows XP (ntfs)
sda2 – Linux Swap
sda3- Linux Slackware(ext2 )
sda4- Files (Fat32 so I can write on it from linux as well)

hdb1 – Windows Vista
hdb2 – Another FAT32 file partition

It's soon to say, but I'm tempted to mark this as the end of my Microsoft allergy.

Or not... :P still think of it as an OA (as in Open Ass). Not that it's particularly more insecure than linux by default. The question is, I believe, that being vulgar... it's a more apealing target to work on.

terça-feira, fevereiro 05, 2008

Geting just about any music you want

If it's streaming in to my computer, then there must be a way to grab it I thought- frustrated while not being able to figure out where the damn file was being pulled from. See most sites now have players in flash, because you can't trace the source of an swf, unless there's some way of decompiling it. But hey! Even if there is, that's a hell of a lot more trouble than reading the html source, or downloading that “hidden” *.js the guy has in some dark directory on the same server.

So... by accident while trying to read some tuts on wireshark, I just stumbled on another you tube magical video.

now this is about video files... but hey, potatoes and tomatoes it's all vegetables. Same to any stream. The guy suggests looking for the file, but my blind eyes and rather hazy mind suggest using ctrl+f , then select string and type your keyword like “mp3” or something like that. And voyla. Host and get bla blabla magic. Concatenate and paste on location in your favorite browser.

In conclusion I must say that I am not in favor of “stealing” everything. Point being that I couldn't have it otherwise. Is it that wrong? I couldn't buy it, I'd buy it if I could! There's no money taken.

Support your favorite artists, more money for them means more music for you do enjoy.