terça-feira, dezembro 30, 2008


Finally vacations!

I've finally convinced mamy to use the internet. Well, with the promise of a fully configured system, so she only needs to push a button and all happens for her. I've chosen Linux because it's so easily customizable and can be administrated by command line remotely. So there will be some sort of ddns.

I've welded a hub on the last working usb on the laptop. ahahaha Damn that was a stupid idea lol (mean replacing the usbs it came with.. just because they were loosing contact). Furthermore I've acknowledged that a usb hub won't work when connected to a usb extension. That seemed kinda strange, since after all it's suppose to work as any other usb terminal. -_- All connectors where ok except for the drain, there was NO drain! And I guess that's enough to ruin everything.

Another interesting thing was finally making my ethernet port work. Stupid hardware as some kind of flaw that won't handle


I've began debug by trying a
watch 'cat /var/log/messages | tail'

and noticed the eth0 device was goind down after the negotiation so I googled this... and finally came in to a blog that posted a configuration to disable auto-negotiation you can use ethtool to do it.

I choose full duplex since I wanted both the machines to talk, and choose the same speed as the other ethernet device. (this is important!)

#ethtool -s eth0 duplex full speed 10 autoneg off

#ethtool ethX

To view device info.

I can't wait to see the green light on that ADSL Modem!!! =))))))))) weeeeeeeee

I missed this... mean.. just fooling arround with things. god how much fun! can you see me bouncing arround? I'm bouncing arround!!... now you handle thouse interrupts to give me some time to be a stable signal. ahahha god ain't drinking no more today.

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone ;)